Q: What makes LetsMail different & better than other autoresponders?
A: Lots of things, but MOST IMPORTANTLY: You get better superior email deliverability and it’s IMPOSSIBLE for anyone but you to impact that delivery.

Meaning more of your emails hit the inbox, so your profit potential is much higher than with any other autoresponder, regardless of cost.

Q:Isn’t self-hosted email complicated?
A: LetsMail has been specifically designed to be as user-friendly as possible. The included step-by-step video tutorials make it easy to get started, even if you don’t have previous experience with self-hosted mailing services.

Q: What about delivery rates? I’ve heard some self-hosted systems are inconsistent…
A: Brett personally uses LetsMail EXCLUSIVELY for his 7 figure marketing business, and his delivery rates have increased.

Q: Are there restrictions on what lists I import or how many emails I send?
A: No restrictions! Upload as many subscribers and lists, and send as any emails as you want.

Q: How many subscribers can I have?
A: AS MANY AS YOU WANT. Unlike “the other guys”, you’ll never face additional charges for growing your list.

Q: Are there any monthly fees?
A: Not right now. You can get LetsMail for a low, one-time investment from this page, to potentially save hundreds or thousands of dollars (depending on your list size) when compared with other providers.

We understand that making the switch to a new autoresponder can seem like a big decision… even a software that’s fully proven by independent testers.

Of course, we also know that once you see a MASSIVE increase in opens and start making more money from your list, you’ll LOVE LetsMail.

That’s why we’re giving you 14 days to try it out for yourself:

Lock-in your discount by claiming your access now
Follow the over-the-shoulder video tutorials to get up and running
Then, decide if this is for you

We’re pretty sure once you start using LetsMail, you won’t want to go back to whatever autoresponder you were using before.

But if you decide FOR ANY REASON it’s not for you… just let us know within 14 days and we’ll refund your tiny investment.

It doesn’t get more fair than that.

Remember – the price on LetsMail is going up. Don’t wait and come back later to find yourself spending more money… get your license NOW!

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside,

– Brett Rutecky & Mike from Maine